Always wanted to go to the Serengeti but just can't afford peak season prices?  Well here s an offer you don't want to miss! 

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In 2020, I ll be taking a group to the Serengeti during green season.  I always rave about green season safaris and it s the big secret the locals don't want you to know about.  Why?  Because they want this amazing time on the Serengeti plains all to themselves!  And frankly, who can blame them?  No one loves the throngs of cars that can come with a peak season safari in Tanzania. What you probably don't know unless you've experienced it is that there s a special magic that comes with being in Africa after the rains.

There are many good reasons to experience this amazing ecosystem in the green season, not just the fact that prices are as low as HALF THE COST of peak season during the river crossings.  Here's a few of them.

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1. Seeing Africa's most famous national park soon after the main rains means you should be lucky enough to see some green grass on the plains, something you are highly unlikely to see during the dryer winter months.  Plus you might be fortunate to see the big skies of the Serengeti landscape lit up by a thunderstorm, making incredible light in the clouds for photography.

2. Game viewing in the Serengeti is amazing all year round because of the high density of wildlife that is resident in the park.   The big cats like lions are territorial, so while you won t see the throngs of wildebeest crossing the Mara River, you will have great big cat viewing.

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3. There are more young animals around in the green season as many antelope species drop their babies between December and March to coincide with the start of the short green grass.  

4. The rains bring magnificent fields of wild flowers and throngs of insects and migrant birds that you won t see in the dry season.  New life is blooming!

5. Most tourists don't go to the Serengeti at this time of year, preferring the dryer months between July and September.  That means less tourist vehicles and much more of a sense of having the place to yourself.  You can't underestimate the value of this to your safari experience.

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I've chosen two very special safari camps for my Green Season Tanzania Safari from 23-30 May 2020.  I chose this part of the central/eastern Serengeti to coincide with the predicted range of the wildebeest migration at that time of year.  I've been given an awesome price for this journey so if youre planning on signing up, please note this offer is for a limited time only.  This is an all inclusive safari (but excludes tips and international flights) staying at top notch, authentic African tented safari camps of a very high standard in the best game viewing areas.  

23 May 2020 - Overnight at Rivertrees Country Inn, Arusha

24-27 May 2020 - 3 nights at the all-female-run Dunia Camp in east/central Serengeti, accessing 3 incredible game viewing areas.  

27-30 May 2020 - 3 nights at Namiri Plains Camp in east Serengeti (big cat central & home of a cheetah research project).

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The wildebeest migration moves through the general area that we are visiting during May, so while it s never guanteed to see the massive herds due to the variable nature of their movements from year to year (especially with the influence of climate change), we will certainly endeavour to find them.  A very special treat as part of this safari is that we will be spending time on the local cheetah research project, which the safari is also making a donation to!

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For a limited time I m able to offer this green season safari for just US$5500/adult sharing and US$3500/child sharing.  This includes your donation to the local cheetah research project and all safaris we arrange in Tanzania also contribute to the conservation and community projects supported by Asilia Africa.  More info here.

For the full itinerary contact me now.  Numbers are strictly limited to 12 people on this safari.

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Asilia Africa, our on ground partner for this safari, supports multiple community and conservation projects in the areas where they operate.  Read more about the positive impact of your safari dollars when you book an Asilia safari with us here.