Alice and elephants

On the trip we saw over 100 elephants, 13 lions, 3 leopards, 12 wild dogs, baby hyenas (pretty much baby everything) a cheetah and a truck load more! I became great friends with everyone on the trip and we plan to stay in touch. I also became great friends with the staff at all three camps and I even got to make my own traditional bracelet and was crowned queen of the Okavango delta. We got to go on the mokoros, a traditional boat pushed by a pole, where we saw 3 sitatunga (a really hard to find aquatic antelope). We also saw 6 lions in a place that hadn't seen lions in 3 years! Going on the safari trucks every morning was so exciting because you would never know what that day might bring, but each day was spectacular in its own way.

2015-02-01 02:13:41