For the past year or so I've been working with Asian TV star, Nadya Hutagalung on the Let Elephants Be Elephants campaign, and I'm excited to say we're about to go live!  Our goal is to raise awareness across Asia about the link between the buying of ivory in Asia and the poaching of elephants in Africa.  We're asking you to come on board and take the pledge to say no to ivory.

This week the documentary produced by our small team and led by award-winning producer, Ernest Hariyanto, hits the airwaves on National Geographic channel across Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam, starting this Wednesday 23rd April at 7pm (Sing/HK time).  Public service announcements co-produced by our small pro-bono team and ad company, JWT Singapore, will also be showing in these countries to bust myths about where ivory comes from.

You can watch the documentary trailer here.

Hopefully the documentary will make it to Australia and other countries soon!

Tomorrow (22nd April) we launch the campaign in Jakarta, Indonesia, and after that we'll be coming to a city near you...

Singapore - 29th April at the Australian High Commission (hosted by the Royal Geographical Society) - tickets available now here

Hong Kong - 13th May (venue details to come, also hosted by the Royal Geographical Society)

And that's just the beginning...

You can watch videos and learn more about the situation facing elephants at the Let Elephants Be Elephants website.  We're asking you to get involved and take the pledge to say no to ivory - then to share the facts and videos with your friends on social media.  Help us spread the word that it's not cool to buy ivory and let's all help stop the poaching in Africa!



2014-04-21 04:30:00