Winter has arrived in the southern hemisphere and the safari season is upon us!  The green grasses of the wet season across Africa's great savannahs have dried off to a custard colour perfect for hiding lions (though less effective at hiding these big cats as it's shorter now - perfect for game viewing!).  I always get a little bit excited when I feel the weather turn, wondering what surprises await me and my safari groups when we set foot on the rolling African plains.  Every safari has so many highlights and you never know what you will experience until you set out in the early dawn light.  One day it might be a leopard stretching out in a tree, the next a newborn baby elephant.  One thing's for sure, the morning game drive is rarely dull!  Just the fact that you are out there while sun has yet to rise and the predators are still hunting is enough to make the hairs on my arms tingle with excitement.