We are so excited to be arranging African safaris again for our guests, some of whom postponed at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and others who are just ready to get back out there and experience the magic of Africa after a couple of years of being unable to travel.  The hoops you have to jump through for international travel are largely a thing of the past, with most countries now no longer requiring PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests on arrival and quaratine requirements being dropped.   


Above: One of the elephant families we spend time with in Akagera National Park, Rwanda as part of my Elephant Research and Gorilla Trekking Safari

It's the perfect time to be getting back over to Africa, and not only because it's such a life-changing experience for you, but also because Africa really needs us to help rebuild after the impact of the pandemic on tourism, livelihoods and conservation.  Without tourism, you get wildlife poaching.  Everyone's got to earn a living, and nowhere was the impact of the loss of income felt more keenly than it was in the rural parts of Africa that for so long had depended on the money, jobs and conservation efforts provided by the tourism industry.  Your role as an ethical traveller has never been more important as we help the tourism industry rebuild across Africa, and with it, help rebuild the lives of communities and their wildlife conservation efforts.  So not only will you be feeling good, but you'll be feeling good about feeling good!

Maasai village

Recently my elephant research project and linked safari in Rwanda was featured in Forbes magazine by travel writer, Lavanya Sunkara.  If you don't believe me, have a read about what she has to say about how your safari can make a difference and what makes this one different to the rest.

"Matson & Ridley Safaris offers a one-of-a-kind citizen science safari in Akagera National Park that directly contributes to the conservation of Africa’s wildlife."

Lavanya Sunkara, Forbes Magazine

Read the full article here - Why this elephant safari in Rwanda is a must-do

It's not too late to join my Elephant Research and Gorilla Trekking safari in Rwanda this year from 5-15 December but you'll need to get in fast as space is limited!

If Botswana is calling you, I still have one room left on my Botswana Highlights safari from 17-24 June 2023.  My Best of Botswana safari is now sold out.  Botswana is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa for good reason and it should be on your bucket list if you haven't experienced it for yourself.



I also have one room left on my Green Season Serengeti Safari from 23-30 May 2023 and this is at a sensational price given the high quality of the safari camps we are staying at and the wildlife experience you can expect all year round in this part of Tanzania.  Contact me for the itinerary.

If the pandemic taught us anything it's that life is short and we must all seize the moment!  One thing I know about Africa is that every minute over there is a minute to be savoured.  Every sunset is something unforgetable.  Every time you hear the lions and hyenas as you drift off to sleep under canvas is a sound that will stay with you forever.  Africa is pure magic.  If you haven't been on safari, or if you haven't been back for too long, let's make that dream journey happen together.