Botswana is probably Africa’s most successful country, with a stable, prospering economy, a strong currency and a thriving tourism industry that capitalises on its extraordinary wildlife. The human population is little more than 2 million, and most of the land locked country is desert, other than the extraordinary Okavango Delta which seasonally floods, creating an oasis for wildlife that has to be seen to be believed.

Botswana has the majority of the world’s remaining elephant population, with approximately 130,000, and the country provides an important refuge for African rhinos, wild dogs, lions, rhinos and many other species. When you go on an ethical safari in Botswana, you’re giving a direct vote of support to the people of Botswana, and to the government, in support of their admirable conservation efforts, and helping keep it the safe haven for wildlife that it is.

On safari with Matson & Ridley Safaris in Botswana, you can discover what is truly the jewel in the crown of African safaris by exploring the World Heritage listed Okavango Delta. Explore the marshlands, waterways and Kalahari desert habitats in exclusive wilderness areas in your comfortable open game viewing vehicle, or take a serene ride in a makoro (wooden dugout canoe). Wildlife is abundant in the Delta and it’s amazing how close you can get to the animals without affecting their behaviour. It’s not unusual to have elephants right outside your tent! We also love to explore the region just south of the Delta, the famous Makgadigadi Pan, home of the San Bushmen.

Botswana is a safe and relatively prosperous country by African standards and many local communities benefit from brilliant partnerships with luxury, eco-friendly lodges. A safari in Botswana is the ultimate splurge for you and your loved one! Don’t rule out going in the green season when prices are lower and you get to see all the baby animals and amazing thunderstorms that providing incredible sunsets.


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