Namibia is one of the most successful countries in the world for conservation, combining community development with conservation and tourism through the national communal conservancy programme. Namibia was our founder Tammie’s home for 6 years and it still has a special place in her heart. For vast landscapes that take your breath away, unique ethnic groups and desert-adapted flora and fauna, there’s nowhere else like Namibia.

Must-sees in Namibia include the famous orange desert dunes at Sossusvlei, Etosha National Park with its vast pan and vast concentrations of wildlife at waterholes during the dry season, and the community-based camps in Damaraland, home of desert elephants and rhinos. For an experience beyond extraordinary, include the Skeleton Coast Park and Hoanib River in your itinerary, for desert-dwelling elephants, lions and giraffes inhabiting a landscape so arid it will blow your mind.

Our Namibian safaris make sure that your tourism dollars make a difference to local people and wildlife, because we try to support as often as possible the communal conservancies approach.

Namibia is more affordable than many other safari destinations in Africa, but it’s no less impressive. You can self-drive your own hire car on Namibia’s good wide tar and gravel roads, be driven and guided all the way on an exploration, or flown between camps on a bespoke safari designed just for you, affording the opportunity to really appreciate a bird’s eye view of this desert land’s amazing landscapes.

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